NLP Durban Life Coaching

You Decide.

Personal Coaching Options

I always start with an introduction session of an hour (R200). In this session you can tell me about the issues you would like to work on, and I can explain how NLP can help you. It is an informal meeting where we just get to know each other so all your questions are answered and you are completely comfortable to go forward with your coaching journey.

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After the introduction session, there are a few different choices:

1. Personal Breakthrough Session - dive in head first and commit to an intensive coaching journey. We start with 7 hours of coaching within one week. A follow up session allows for evaluation after a few weeks.

Structure of the PBS

Session 1: eg. Monday - 3 hours

Session 2: eg. Tuesday - 2 hours

Session 3: eg. Friday - 2 hours

Follow up session (2 wks later): 1,5hrs

2. Guidance Program - 3 month coaching program with regular weekly sessions, feedback and guidance.

This is the best option if you're looking for regular guidance in making a life change.

3. Life Scan - Get an evaluation of exactly where you are mentally, health wise and financially. A registered accountant, a wellness professional and myself as a life coach will give you a diagnosis of where you are now, and how you can get to where you need to be. Regular coaching sessions will keep you on track.

What you will gain from Life Scan:

1. Exact knowledge of where you are right now from a health, financial and mental perspective.

2. You will be on track to getting where you want to be with regard to health, finances and mental state of mind.

3. You will have support in each of these fields over a period of time so you don't get "lost" along the way.

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What you can expect from me is:

- Confidentiality

- Professionalism

- Respect

- A willingness to go the extra mile in order to help someone who is really willing to change

You can also expect to laugh a lot during the sessions, we believe you learn best through play.

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