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Thursday 20 February 2020

Topic: How to walk away from toxic relationships

Thursday 21 November

Topic: How to care less about what others think

Thursday 22 August

Topic: Feel the fear and do it anyway

Thursday 11 July

Topic: How to set a goal and stick to it

Thursday 20 June

Topic: How to deal with morons and maniacs

Tuesday 14 May

Topic: Why am I my own worst enemy?

Some of the feedback:

"Some really helpful practical tips."

"Loved the relaxed, informal atmosphere."

"I need to see more!"

Tuesday 19 March

Topic: Repeat of "Why do we Self-Sabotage?"

Some of the feedback:

"You gave us understandable examples, you engaged us and cared for us. Thank you"

"What an enjoyable and valuable morning."

"I found the content practical and relatable"

Thursday 21 February

Topic: Why do we Self-Sabotage?

Thursday 22 November

Topic: Connecting with your Purpose

Some of the feedback:

"I feel inspired to find my purpose"

"I realise my purpose is just to live the best life I can"

"Not an easy topic, this was so insightful, thank you."

Thursday 18th October

Topic: Being selfish and saying "no"

See the photos here

Some of the feedback:

"Love the 3 questions to reconnect with myself"

"Nice to chat with like-minded people"

"Beautiful venue, lovely content."

Thursday 13th September

Topic: Analysis Paralysis and how to stop overthinking

See the photos here

Some of the feedback:

"Loved the interaction with the listeners and the light hearted trend of the conversation."

"I need more of this, thank you!"

"I feel lighter, thank you!"

"Great practical tools to take home and practice getting unstuck."