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"You got me unstuck from one of the most stuck places I've been in my life." Hayley Wright - Founder of Rise Squad

 “I feel re-awakened. It is the best investment and the kindest thing I’ve ever done for myself.” Khanyo - Senior HR Manager about the Personal Breakthrough Retreat in the Drakensberg.

 "The Personal Breakthrough Session has helped me to unlock the dream that I have always wanted to achieve and own. I'm so glad I took this step towards this permanent life changing process." Nthabi - Key Accounts Manager

I decided to try NLP for 2 reasons. Firstly I had read a lot about it on the internet but I never really understood exactly what it involved. Secondly, I felt frustrated with my career as I was not achieving goals that I had set myself. NLP has helped me to find the underlying cause of my frustrations and provided me with a set of tools with which I can deal with different situations I am faced with each day. It's also taught me to approach situations from a different perspective, which I find very useful. I want to say thank you for your help. You made me feel really comfortable and were also patient with me. I am so grateful for that. Perhaps I can model you for improving my skills on creating rapport. Tom N. – Software Developer

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Personal Breakthrough Sessions and was pleasantly surprised. It has opened up a pathway to discovering more about who I really am and why I do the things I do. It’s a great starting off point and Stephanie shows the way with expertise and care.” Tammy – Student

“This was nothing I thought it would be, but everything I needed. Best thing I’ve ever done. Thank you for giving me a safe place and the tools I need.”   Kerry – Business Owner

“The Personal Breakthrough has really opened up my possibilities. It’s been a priceless experience. I feel such relief, so light.” Bongiwe – Young Professional

“This experience has taught me how to change the issues that were keeping me stuck.” Mohan – Business Owner

“For some time life and love had been handing me a raw deal, I became the victim of my circumstances...through a caring friend I heard about NLP, so I did some research and got a number to call... I met with Stephanie and started the NLP program with her. It wasn’t about being helped out of the hole, it was about being provided the tools to be able to climb out of it myself. Today my depression doesn’t exist, my self confidence is at an all time high, I'm healthy and happy and have found the courage to start my own business and follow my dream. I use the tools that NLP taught me every day, they help me to create my own destiny, my own path...” - Roderick Davey - Surfboard Shaper

"I was in a deep and dark depression, when a friend asked if I had heard of NLP and gave me Stephanie’s card. Of course I’d heard of NLP...Neuro Linguistic Programming, but apart from the name I only had a vague idea of what it meant. My mind was in total confusion, I had no idea how I was going to get out of the state that I was in, panic had set in showing itself in extreme anxiety. My energy was also extremely low. From the very first session, I had major breakthroughs. No wonder Stephanie is called a Master Practitioner, even though she will insist that it is all to your own credit. The answers are all within us, The NLP process just takes our hand and guides us towards them. NLP is an extremely interactive form of therapy so sessions require hard work, honesty and courage. The various tools allow you to create a bit of space so you can view your situation with more objectivity giving you greater perspective and clarity. I was amazed at the speed that such profound transformation occurred. I made major changes in my life, both personally and in my career. I am happy and feel far more in control of my life and the direction I am heading in. I am extremely aware that in times of need, gifts get presented to you, it is just up to you whether you accept them or not. I am thankful that I accepted NLP and my hugely inspiring Stephanie!" - Nicola Browne - Key Accounts Manager

"Wow!! That is the way I am feeling! Stephanie Moss has changed my life. I was at breaking point and felt helpless and anxious all the time.   After one Breakthrough Session, Stephanie helped me to get rid of my guilt and self-doubt and give me back the confidence that I deserve.  I felt free when I realised that all the negativity I was feeling really did not have to be there and it was stopping me from looking past the next hour.   In the next two sessions she provided me with the tools to deal with any situation or feeling of anxiety. Stephanie was non-judgmental, kind, very warm and made me feel that I could trust her from the very beginning. I felt absolutely safe in the environment which she provided for me. Her knowledge and expertise is very inspiring.   It feels good to feel really happy and confident again.  I would highly recommend Stephanie Moss of NLP Durban."  - Sabrina Buys - Accountant

"Over the past 47 years, while I achieved pockets of excellence during my journey of life, I have never really lived the life I wanted which got me to the point of realizing that I am stuck, and that I urgently needed professional help. It was at this point that I searched for and found Stephanie Moss – Master NLP Practitioner in Durban. Having facilitated the first phase of the Breakthrough Sessions with me, she quickly helped me to realize certain things about myself that I was not aware of; assisted me to identify the source of my limitations that were preventing me from living the life I love; and provided me with tools to break through these blockages and master my subconscious mind. Just hours after completing the first phase of my Breakthrough Session, I attended a business meeting with a somewhat shrewd client yesterday, and used language with greater precision and clarity than I have ever used before which resulted in me influencing his decision positively in awarding business to my company.

Stephanie Moss created a very informal; flexible; non-judgmental and trusting atmosphere in dealing with me. This conducive atmosphere combined with her excellent knowledge and expertise in NLP facilitation has rendered immediate results in me, in that I have begun thinking and feeling about situations in my life very differently and have already experienced business success. I cannot wait to continue with the remaining phases of my Breakthrough Sessions with Stephanie. It is for these reasons that I highly recommend Stephanie Moss of NLP Durban. Her work is life changing." - Gavin Buys - HR Expert


"NLP was useful in making me aware of my subconscious mind, my perceived world view, perception of self, and how to widen that view with more awareness and positivity. NLP has had much negative criticism in the press, but through my experience with the programme I believe the value and usefulness of the techniques I’ve discovered has been of great benefit and not at all what I was lead to believe.  Who wouldn’t recommend personal growth & knowledge to anyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed the NLP trip and have learnt so much about myself.  I feel equipped and ready to face the world with different views and opinions, not only of myself, but of others too. - Cherine - Entrepreneur

 "Thanks for your reports of the sessions, and for the manner in which you explain things. It is really making sense to me now." - Brenton - Entrepreneur

I was interested in signing up for NLP coaching after I read a few articles on the internet. This interest prompted me to research a few different NLP coaching courses that were avaliable. The contents and professional look of the NLP Durban website captured my attention so I made further enquires with Lynda. After talking with Lynda I knew that I had found what I was looking for. The coaching sessions were a real eye opener for me and it helped me identify my problem areas. I worked with Lynda to identify solutions for my problems using various techniques. I now have a clear understanding of what I need to do to move forward into my new life. I would recommend Lynda Irvine-Leversha of NLP Durban to anyone who wants to take control of their life and start to live the life they love. - Paul

"The NLP Coaching helped me feel empowered and increased my self-belief.When I started I felt worthless, afraid, unloved etc. but after the coaching I now feel that I am in charge of my destiny and that I have the ability to move forward and feel happy. Lynda Irvine-Leversha of NLP Durban has given me the opportunity to once again feel loved, worthy, confident, happy and motivated. "- Michael - Entrepreneur


"I am so thankful for having discovered NLP as it has equipped me with some wonderful tools for life. It was extremely challenging at times, but the rewards have been so beneficial to the development of my self-confidence and the ability to stay calm during challenging times. NLP has very much been a process of exploring who I am and working through past experiences that have influenced who I have become, but by taking the challenge of looking inwards and being open to re-visiting the past I can now say that NLP as made me aware of who I am today and what opportunities lie ahead for the future can purely be mine! There is no need to struggle through challenging times on your own and I can highly recommend taking the brave step and choosing to explore what NLP can offer for you, I did and the break-through has been life-changing. Thank you Stephanie for being there every step of the way and making my NLP experience such a positive and rewarding experience.

·         This has been such an enriching experience for me from all aspects. Stephanie, you were so welcoming and encouraging every step of the way and every session and this allowed me to feel very welcome and open to sharing who I am and what I have gone through. I think your approach to the 12 sessions is very good, making each step a gradual exploration.

·         I think that it was also very professional of you to say that you look at each individual alone and work within where you feel they are comfortable and at what stage they are at. I found this very comforting to know that you really took your job seriously and wanted to help me out. Even if you do follow a sequence for the sessions I never felt that I was just part of a process or step-by-step plan of action.

·         Some of the sessions were very emotionally challenging and although not easy at times I never felt judged and was very grateful for the ‘safe space’ you provided for me to share my thoughts. I can really say that you have created an environment that really feels like a ‘safe space.’

·         This has really been a positive journey of exploration for me and thank you for always challenging me to take that extra step of self-discovery  during the sessions.

Thanks so much for everything!" - Paula - Student


"I have the great fortune of having been exposed to NLP techniques from an early age, by my wonderful enlightened father and when I was faced with negative emotions left over from a traumatic experience, my search lead me to Stephanie. Stephanie is a fantastic coach. She is non-judgemental, highly empathetic and very insightful, I felt very safe with Stephanie by my side as I travelled this road to healing.  Our sessions were jam packed and focused on achieving my goals, which we did. There were many ‘ah-ha!’ moments during the sessions that were uplifting and burden-shedding. I will confidently recommend Stephanie to everyone I meet who is in need of overcoming negative behaviour and /or negative memories including those from emanating from post-traumatic experiences." - Nora - Corporate Professional

 "A heartfelt thanks Stephanie for yet another fabulous session and excellent recap. The way new insights have emerged over the 12 sessions has been exciting, and today’s was pivotal. Thank you for everything. These sessions have been so helpful, and they happened at just the right time."  - Sally - Financial Specialist


"A couple of months ago I was in a deep pit of self-doubt, self-pity and playing the great game of being ‘the victim of the world ’.  I felt I needed to do something about this way of life but was not sure as to how to progress to the life of living in harmony until I came across an article about NLP. After doing much research I found Stephanie Moss and her profile on the internet and what really caught my attention was her last line on her profile “ You can also expect to laugh a lot during the sessions, I believe you learn best through play “ and I knew then that this was for me.

I did the Breakthrough Session over a week which was incredibly intense and exhausting but with Stephanie’s guidance and great sense of humour things started making sense and BOOM it all came together! From going from the ‘stuck to the unstuck’ in just a few logical steps which I have learnt from Stephanie and utilizing the NLP ‘tools’ life has been a massive turnabout in both my career and personal life.

I constantly use the NLP techniques I have been taught by Stephanie in handling difficult situations with ease and confidence.   My sense of humour is back and I embrace my new self-confidence everyday knowing I have the ability to handle what comes my way. Previously, I tended to be overwhelmed very quickly and we tackled this at one of our sessions.  Wow, what a session!  It was one of my best days filled with mind blowing enlightenment plus the massive bonus of pure deep hearted laughter at the end of the session.  To this day I CANNOT feel overwhelmed without starting to laugh. Thank you Stephanie. My favourite NLP Technique is Pacing and Leading, this allows me to get the best qualities out of my sales team and they are smashing sales targets with energy, enthusiasm and a great sense of achievement. NLP and of course Stephanie, have taught me to constantly think two steps ahead when faced with a situation in both work and at home allowing me to confidently get through any crisis without getting emotionally involved and thus enabling me to make decisions logically.

I highly recommend anyone to do the Breakthrough Session however, the trick is to continue working with your coach on a monthly basis if possible learning different techniques. How exciting life can be when you can learn something new every month!  After all, if you are in the game why give up your coach? Do we see players taking their game seriously without a coach? A massive vote of thanks to a very amazing and straightforward honest lady – Stephanie Moss!"

- Fran - Sales Director


"The NLP Coaching provided me with simple yet effective tools that changed the manner in which I reacted to situations that would previously have affected me in a negative way. It allowed me to confront my fears and acknowledge them, which in turn left me feeling lighter and happier." - Taylor - Fashion Design Student